Project Stories

Tasks and results we have worked out with our customers

Project Stories

Tasks and results we have worked out with our customers

Digitalization of recruiting

Medium-sized industrial company, metal processing, 200 employees

  • Objectives
      • Review of recruiting processes and derivation of potential for optimization
      • Development of a company-wide process flow with modern working methods (best-practices) for personnel recruitment
      • Derivation of requirements for a new applicant management system (BMS)
      • Optimization of process flows and implementation of the new BMS
  • Result
      • New applicant management system with extensive process digitization
      • Optimized role model for recruiting and involved stakeholders
      • Faster, leaner recruiting processes

Optimization of all HR processes for entry into automation

Optimization of all HR processes for entry into automation International consulting company, financial sector, 350 employees

  • Objectives
      • Review and documentation of all HR processes
      • Derivation of optimization potential
      • Target process design with the greatest possible digitalization
      • Recommendation for future HR software for master data management, digital personnel file, preparatory payroll and recruiting
  • Result
      • Efficient, digital and automated HR processes
      • Recommendation for future HCM Suite
      • Prepared implementation

Optimization of the reporting architecture & selection of suitable BI software

  • Objectives
      • Review and documentation of the reporting & analytics processes
      • Development of the target model (business & technical)
      • Derivation of requirements for the future reporting architecture and software
  • Result
      • Documentation of the current process and system landscape as well as the role model
      • Performance description of the status quo (business & technical)
      • Elicitation and documentation of the business and technical requirements
      • Preparation of the selection decision for a BI software

HR Reporting & Analytics

  • Objectives
      • Establishment of the Reporting & Analytics function
      • Establishment of standard and ad-hoc reporting for Workforce and Talent Acquisition
  • Result
      • Automation of HR standard reports
      • Build and implement BI dashboards for data-driven decision making
      • Increase of HR data quality

Status analysis of HR digitization and options for action

  • Objectives
      • Inventory and analysis of HR processes
      • Review of possible optimization/automation potential (degree of digitalization)
  • Result
      • Analysis of data, processes and tools as well as accompanying documentation
      • Determination of the status quo of the degree of digitization
      • Elaboration of possible options for action for improvement

Customer Statements

  • At the end of 2022, we were looking for a cooperation partner to support us in designing an HR system strategy that would suit us. In an initial discussion with Dr. Claudia Salomon, we were able to align our ideas on how to proceed in this regard and decided to go down this path together. The HR-Tech team worked with us on an 8-week project in the spring of 2023 to develop, evaluate and prioritize options for designing an HR system strategy that would suit us. From the needs analysis to the inventory to the market analysis and derivation of the ideal roadmap for us, the cooperation was reliable, binding and critical in a constructive sense at all times. In addition to the project content, which was handled in an extremely professional manner, the interaction with each other was absolutely respectful and trusting. It is also worth mentioning that the cooperation, despite all seriousness, was always characterized by a good portion of humor and fun. In short, we will continue to turn to the team at HR-Tech with a good feeling in all matters relating to the digitalization of HR work, HR systems, data analysis and HR controlling.

    Jirka Markawissuk
    Divisional management personnel

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