Business and management consulting in HR

Knowhow and solutions from experienced experts

Business and management consulting in HR

Knowhow and solutions from experienced experts

We are specialized in HR:

  • We digitize your HR management
  • We connect people, information and technologies
  • We combine strategic, creative and analytical consulting approaches
  • We tailor our approach to suit your unique customer situation and requirements.
  • We advise independently of solutions and manufacturers
  • We support the "People Data for Good"1 initiative

(1) People Data for Good: Promoting the ethical and responsible use of people data, analytics, and AI for the benefit of individuals, teams, groups, organizations, and society at large.

Memberships & Awards

BDU Membership

We are a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberatungen e.V. as Young Consultancy

Employer of the future

We were named "Employer of the Future" (innovative, modern, digital) by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization.

HIPE Award

We were awarded the HIPE Award 2022 for quality, performance, service and effectiveness in terms of service

Business Award Berlin

We were awarded with the Business Award Berlin 2022 (for brand, customer satisfaction and know-how in our industry)

Digitalization, People Data and Analytics in Human Resources

As an up-and-coming consultancy for digitalization, people data & analytics in the HR sector, we deliver the perfect momentum to align your company with the future.

We are HR experts and also speak IT. With our know-how, we help managers and employees understand people data and digital technologies and use them specifically for their own company's success. The founder and managing director of HR Tech Consulting GmbH, Dr. Claudia Salomon, is an expert in people analytics with many years of experience and passion. She worked for more than 20 years in the Deutsche Telekom Group in various specialist and management positions as well as in management consulting and therefore knows the HR challenges from practical experience. Analytical thinking coupled with creative approaches to solutions and an orientation towards implementation characterize Claudia Salomon as the driving force behind HR Tech Consulting.


Founded 2021










Human Resources


Data Analytics


Our customers

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Partners and memberships

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