HR Data

Analysis, processing, linking and visualization

HR Data

Analysis, processing, linking and visualization

Do you want to streamline HR reporting in your company, making it leaner, simpler, more interactive, automated, and digital?

Regardless of your current status in HR reporting (classic/advanced/analytics), we support you in achieving your HR reporting target. Classic HR reporting deals with the regular determination of key figures on the personnel situation and development (e.g. headcount, personnel costs). The aim is to achieve an optimal relationship between personnel costs and the number of employees against the background of the company's economic development. Good classical reporting is the prerequisite for advanced reporting, which in turn is the prerequisite for people analytics, i.e. the analysis, evaluation and forecasting of company developments on the basis of combined personnel data.

We are your HR data experts for all questions around People Data Analytics.

Together, we collaborate with you to design and implement customized, responsible solutions, working closely with data protection, IT, and other departments within your company.

People data analytics enables transparency about relevant key figures, the recognition of connections, critical patterns and effects as well as a reliable forecast of future developments. This distinguishes people data analytics from HR reporting and HR controlling, which are more descriptive. That is, they describe the past or the present. People data analytics, on the other hand, is a holistic and future-oriented approach.

Studies show that companies that advanced people data analytics generate around 30 percent more profit than companies that do not use people data analytics. In the HR domain, people data analytics is becoming increasingly vital, providing essential insights for making business-critical decisions.

Stage 1

Classic HR Reporting

Stage 2

Advanced HR Reporting/HR Controlling

Stage 3

People Analytics

Our consulting offer in this area consists of six packages:

1. HR Data Strategy & Implementation #

As HR data experts, we support you in the as-is analysis of your HR data architecture, the definition of target structures and process flows, and the implementation and operation of your HR data strategy. Increase the efficiency of your HR processes and develop an HR data strategy that meets your requirements.

In the subsequent implementation, we set the course for the procurement of relevant data, taking into account data protection and ethical aspects, and, if necessary, procure and process this data.

2. HR dashboards/­visualization #

We visualize your HR data. In doing so, we support and advise you on the use of the appropriate visualization tool (we work primarily with MS Power BI, Tableau and MS Excel). This allows interesting HR data, correlations, operational and strategic key performance indicators (KPIs) to be captured visually and presented interactively as a report, dashboard or via app. Data visualization helps to organize information and improve understanding, interpretation and attention. Depending on the data source and the refresh cycle of the data, the update of such reports and dashboards can be automated by establishing a connection between the data source and the visualization tool.

3. HR Controlling #

Our HR data experts take on HR controlling tasks such as the preparation and analysis of key figures, the creation of reports and dashboards, or the automation of data processing procedures. We help set up the function in the company or provide interim support until a new position is filled or in the event of bottlenecks.

4. People Analytics Fitness Check #

Individual location and maturity analysis of people analytics in your company with derivation of recommendations and action points for expanding people analytics "fitness". Highly recommended if you first want to determine whether your company and your HR department are already "fit" for the introduction of People Analytics.

You are also welcome to use our short analysis: "People Analytics & Digitalization Maturity Evaluation".
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5. Introduction of People Analytics #

Introduction or further development of People Analytics as part of a digitalized HR function, a new method and HR competence in your company. Our approach is based on proven building blocks, from site and maturity analysis to the development of use cases (business-oriented use cases) and the selection of the right hardware and software. Depending on the initial situation, methodical or technological fields of action are identified and optimization measures are implemented. The result is an improvement of the people analytics maturity level in your company. Identification and implementation of quick wins included.

6. Blended Journey Consulting "People Analytics” #

Combination of a people analytics project (specific analysis task) with needs-oriented consulting/coaching of the project manager involved and parallel development/expansion of corresponding competencies/skills. 10 x micro-consulting, ≥ 40 hrs. people analytics training/skill-building with certificate from the Academy to innovate HR (AIHR) and 2 hrs. retrospective.

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Quick check on HR data and digitalization

Examples of HR data in your company

  • HRIS data (HR Information System)
  • Headcount and planning data (workforce data)
  • Personnel costs
  • Skill data (profiles and competencies available in the company)
  • Personnel development data (e.g. further training attended, certificates obtained)
  • Employee satisfaction data
  • Staff turnover data (e.g. length of service, number, reasons for change)
  • Performance data (e.g. performance, mobility)
  • Workplace data (e.g. mobile working, home office)
  • Time management data
  • Health data (e.g. health rate, sick days)
  • Productivity data (e.g. utilization)
  • External sources

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