Artificial Intelligence (AI) and HR

We are living in the era of digitalization. Modern and new technologies have taken over every aspect of our lives and made them faster, better, and easier. Whether it’s our daily lives or the workspace, everything has been digitalized with the ever-changing new technologies.

When we talk about digitalization and its impact on our business, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the first major technology that comes to mind in this modern day. Since its arrival, this technology has taken our lives by storm. AI is redefining everything in the operating business field. From sales to management, AI-based solutions are being heavily adopted.

This begs the question: Can we use AI in the Human Resource department of a business? And the answer is a “BIG YES”, all the big business is shifting their HR paradigms around the AI solution; let me walk through how it will help you in your HR department:

According to an International Research Journal of Engineering and technology, AI integration into HR will improve organizations, as such applications can help HR professionals in making better decisions through analyzing, predicting, and diagnosing.

AI applications can help the HR team in saving time and resources which they can use in other critical areas of their business to boost the efficiency and productivity of their business. After all, the success of the company is the main goal of every HR professional.

Automating repetitive tasks:

Most business activities have repetitive tasks including many HR activities. Artificial intelligence can help in automating most of the repetitive tasks and save you your time and resources. Even more, it is smarter than other machines because of its capability of making intelligent decisions. To name a few examples:

  • AI can be used to handle the general queries of your employees
  • Management of employee benefits can be automated
  • Automation of employee onboarding process

Due to AI’s pure intelligence, HR teams no longer need to worry about allocating space, time or effort into these tasks anymore, which can significantly advance an HR department.


Smart Employee Analysis through AI

AI can assess your employee’s efficiency according to their traits and past behaviors. All companies have tons of data on their employees. AI solutions can help you in analyzing what is keeping your employees from being 100% productive. Through the analysis of this HR technology, you can assess the problem and take further steps like workshops or training to eliminate the cause.

AI can get the best benefits for your employees

Many companies are using AI-Based HR applications for the better administration of employee benefits. In most cases, the employees don’t exactly know what benefits they want and the main cause of it is communication. Chatbots can be used to facilitate communication. Chatbots can be fed with the FAQ and their answers. So, if any employees face any kind of confusion, they can easily get the answer. You can also add feedback in your chatbot so employees can get their issues resolved. This is how enterprises are using AI to combat the issues of employees and get the best of the benefit according to their needs.

Better Decision Making

The HR department has to make crucial decisions just like all other departments. The modern solution provides the HR manager with real-time data, but processing tons of data is risky and tricky, as conventional methods are slow. This is where AI comes into action. AI algorithms and NLG software can convert the scattered data into proper text and draw insights. Many visualization software that depends on the AI can give quick and accurate results. This will save a ton of time and enhance the overall efficiency of the enterprises.

AI in Powering Workforce Analytics

According to a finding from the Forrester Tech Tide, organizations are turning to Workforce Analytics and planning and in these areas, AI machine learning is becoming more prominent each day. According to the report, the AI in HR leads to more informed decisions by empowering the manager which will eventually lead to organizational and employee success.

For example, using real-time analytics, the manager can easily access the impact of the open shifts, absences, and unplanned schedule changes on the key performance indicator. This will allow the managers to be ahead of time and cancel the issues even before it rises.

Role of AI in understanding skills supply and demand:

AI in HR allows organizations to take full advantage of the opportunity marketplace at a bigger level. For a small size organization, a manual process can help in matching the individuals with relevant work. But when we talk about the bigger organizations, with thousands of employees and a pool of work opportunities across the business lines and geographies, the manual system fails. So, this is where AI comes to the rescue.

In workforce management, organizations can use AI to analyze their existing employee’s inventory of skills and the data of work opportunities to match the employees with the relevant work which could be posted by different managers of different branches. This way using AI in HR can provide employees the transparency toward the pool of project opportunities. Ultimately, the mentioned strategy will help the organization in yielding more productivity.

Unlocking the potential productivity of the Workforce:

A growing workforce transformation trend is the use of the opportunity marketplace. Artificial intelligence has made managers more eligible and efficient than ever to match their employees’ skills with the opportunities which enable the right deployment of the employee.

Final Thoughts:

So, we have seen that AI’s scope in the department of HR is very high and bright. It can solve a plethora of problems. Many enterprises and businesses are benefiting from AI solutions and increasing their overall efficiency.

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